Overview of Ethical Management

Corporate Ethics and Members Ethics
Corporate Ethics
Working as basic decision making criterion to create fair competitive environment from setting of stakeholder relation
Employees’ Ethics
Imposing duty to all corporates' members to comply with the corporate policy, regulations, related laws and regulations, and work process.
Data security, Trade secret protection system, Ban on insiders’ trading, Conflict of interest, Anti-bribery, Fair press, No sexual harassment, No violent language.
Ethical Management of Stakeholders
Ethical Management of Stakeholders
Customers: Quality management, Customer protection (safety, CS, information protection)
Corporate Members: Mutual respect of employees, Welfare, Hygiene & safety, Diversity and No harassment of members
Partners: Fair trading, Win-win inventions
Shareholders: Management performance assessment, Central management of board of directors, Internal accounting management system
Competitors: Fair trading, Prevention on unfair competition
Local Community/International Society: Protection of the Environment, Contribution to ensure clean and fair community
    • Monitoring process of updated laws and regulations from dedicated team
    • Application of related laws and regulations
    • Set up tools and process program for advanced prevention
    • Training system, self monitoring, operation of Help desk
    • Build up the legal & compliance monitoring system
    • Review and evaluation from sepecialist functional dedicated team
    • Regular Compliance Monitoring (time Interval for check, method, dedicated team, checklist, etc.)
    • Handling of issues and progress management
    • Self Management and assessment of Compliance issue
    • Report and share objective information of red flag issues, sanction and violoation

Dreamtech declared "Dreamtech Ethics Charter"
in 2008 to keep the dream of all stake holders. We set up the compliance
groundwork for transparent and ethical business management and practice of sustainable business ethics.

Dreamtech’s Ethical Management

Pursuit of Sustainable Growth and Development

Dreamtech aims to pursue the sustainable growth and development with value creation of stakeholders as well as monitoring and prevention of corruption through ethical business practice.

Ethical Management System

Dreamtech ensures the ethichal management system with establishment of Dreamtech Ethics Charter and Code of Coduct, declaration of Dreamtech Ethics Charter, creation of dedicated compliance team and operation of compliance/ethical management system.

Declation of Ethical Management

Dreamtech established the ground of transparent and ethical management with Dreamtech Ethics Charter in 2008. We also comply with the charter in all the business affairs.

Dreamtech Ethics Charter & Guidance

Dreamtech set up "Dreamtech Ethics Charter & Guidance" to ensuring clear understanding and practice. This "Charter& Guidance" also includes the conflict of ethical interests situation to assist decision-making process.


We could enhance the ethical and moral standard and spare one the ethical dilemma by "Dreamtech Ethics Charter & Guidance" which assigs a value to life.

Ethical Management Guideline for Partners(Win-Win Inventions)

Dreamtech takes the lead in ethical business practice to ensure fair and clean trade with customers, partners and stakeholders.