BHC (Biometrics, Healthcare & Convergece)

Biometrics, Healthcare & Convergece business: Production, development and service supply of fingerprint sensor modules for various applications such as smartphones and laptops. And enabling integrating ICT-based sensors, communication technologies and traditional product for innovative products

We engage in Advanced Research in partnership with the global top players, with the experience accumulated since the very early days when the fingerprint sensor business was just beginning.

We offer demand-driven, tailored solutions for various customers’ needs. We continuously pursue for the better and more innovative ideas to make advances in technology.


  • Smart Phone Home Button
    • The most common type of fingerprint recognition system.
  • Smart Phone Back Button
    • Touch-type fingerprint system at the back under the camera lens
  • Smart Phone Side Key
    • POWER ON and fingerprint recognition on the side, available in swipe & touch type
  • Notebook PC Home Buttom
    • Touch solution replacing the swipe type
  • Smart Phone In-display(Optical Type)
    • In-display Optical Type Fingerprint Recognition System
  • Digital Door Lock Door Lock
    • Door Lock Fingerprint Recognition System
  • SSD Portable SSD
    • Portable SSD Fingerprint Recognition System


We have technical leadership for fingerprint modules. We are well-positioned to be cost-competitive and more flexible with tailor-made solutions, by internalizing the process and securing the strategic overseas production operations.

  • Advanced Solutions
    R&D collaborations with the global players Internalized process facilities after wafer
  • Streamlined Process
    Internalized process facilities after wafer
    Flexible customized solutions
  • Cost Efficiency
    Cost-effective overseas productions sites

Sensor Module Production Process

We have internalized our supply chain from fingerprint sensor packaging to module production to flexibly address the quality and design requests.