BHC (Biometrics, Healthcare & Convergece)

Biometrics, Healthcare & Convergece business: Production, development and service supply of fingerprint sensor modules for various applications such as smartphones and laptops. And enabling integrating ICT-based sensors, communication technologies and traditional product for innovative products

Dreamtech’s convergence solutions develop new products by combining high technologies and traditional products and propose them to customers to create new business areas.


  • Medical/Healthcare Solution Biosensor
    • Vital Sign Monitoring
    • Wireless Medical Patch(ECG/SpO2/Respiration/Temperature)
  • Medical/Healthcare Solution Orthopedic Sensor
  • Medical/Healthcare Solution Cardea SOLO
    • 7-Day Wearable ECG Patch
  • Smart Home Solution
    • Vacuum Cleaner Wireless Controllers (IR/RF)
    • Robot Cleaner Radar Sensor Module
  • RF Module Solution
    • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Combo Module
    • Bluetooth/BLE Module
    • IoT Module(Wi-Fi + MCU, 802.11ah)
  • Wearable Sensor Solution
    • HRM Sensor
  • 5G Solution
    • 5G Flexible RF Cable
    • 5G mmW Antenna Module
  • Medical/Healthcare Solution Motion Analysis Solution
    • Zhortech (Digitsole)
    • MotionSense
  • Medical/Healthcare Solution Ultrasound Sensor Solution
    • Ultrasound Home Monitoring


We search for the leading-edge technologies and develop innovative products in medical/ healthcare, mobile, and home appliance.

  • Leading Solutions
    Lead the market with advanced sensors and telco solutions
  • Customized Solutions
    Designs leading technologies tailored to customers’ needs, producing the actual products
  • Expanded Applications
    Expand applications to medical/ healthcare, mobile, home appliance, automotive, and education