BHC (Biometrics, Healthcare & Convergece)

Biometrics, Healthcare & Convergece business: Production, development and service supply of fingerprint sensor modules for various applications such as smartphones and laptops. And enabling integrating ICT-based sensors, communication technologies and traditional product for innovative products

i.SigNal was founded in 2019 by DREAMTECH as a new dedicated brand and organization for digital healthcare business. It is a compound word of 'signal' that implies the meaning of ' 'Information and Communication Technologies(ICT)' and 'Vital Sign'.

It is Dreamtech's first medical brand with a vision to contribute to improving the quality of human life by applying cutting-edge technology to medical devices.

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enables true continuos ECG monitoring for up to 7 days leading to higher diagnostic yield


  • Cardea SOLOTM

    7-Day Wearable ECG Patch for Arrhythmia Diagnosis

    Revolutionary Wearable ECG All-Inclusive System
    Cardea SOLOTM is a comprehensive ECG monitoring solution with wearable patch technology considering patient convenience and ECG data analysis software to help improve work efficiency for the medical staff.

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