IMC (IT & Mobile Communications)

IT & Mobile Communications business: Production, development and service supply of various PBA modules for IT devices such as smartphones and wearables

Dreamtech is proud to have the industry-best design ability and production expertise from our experience accumulated since 2008.

We are now expanding our applications, beyond smartphone phones, to wearables and AR/VR, the next-generation mobile product lines.


  • Smart Phone Smartphone’s SUB PBA
    • USB PBA
    • Touch Sensor PBA
    • Hall IC Sensor PBA
    • RF Switch & Tuner PBA
  • Smart Phone Smartphone’s Side PBA
    • Power Key PBA
    • Volume Key PBA
  • Smart Phone Smartphone’s Upper PBA
    • IR LED & Motor PBA
    • Ear Jack PBA
    • Receiver PBA
    • Proximity Sensor PBA
    • Light Sensor PBA
  • Smart Phone Smartphone’s Inner PBA
    • T Flash Socket PBA
    • SIM Card Socket PBA
  • Smart Phone Foldable Smartphone PBA
    • Interposer HPCB
  • Wearable Device AR/VR Device’s Upper, Side Modules
    • Sensor PBA
    • Touch Key PBA
  • Wearable Device Smart Watch’s Inner Modules
    • ECG & MIC PBA
    • Barometer Sensor PBA


We can always deliver the products on demand, through our customer-oriented development system. We take pride in the excellent quality especially in smartphone SUB PBA, which requires complex design and technology.

  • Leading Solutions
    Industry’s best solution know-how and expertise for complex Sub PBA structure
    Able to meet large-scale demand on time in high quality
    Best quality award by the customer
  • Fast Responsiveness
    Quickly satisfy customers’ needs with early phase development participation
    Able to quickly address the design or part changes
    Capable of meeting urgent demand with sufficient production capacity
  • Cost Efficiency
    Ingenious technical know-how to save costs
    Cost-competitive through global production sites

Prototyping Process

We have the manufacturing facilities and equipment in-house with sufficient production capacity to meet even unexpected, urgent demand. It takes only minimal time to produce proto-type samples, being able to deliver the solutions for various customers’ needs including design and partial changes.