IMC (IT & Mobile Communications)

IT & Mobile Communications business: Production, development and service supply of various PBA modules for IT devices such as smartphones and wearables

Starting in 2020, we started the EMS(Electronics Manufacturing Service) business, which manufactures various IT devices and components such as smartphones, wireless earphones, laptops, etc. based on excellent PBA manufacturing competitiveness.

We are constantly trying to drive growth and create various opportunities.

With our ability to supply various modules for mobile devices such as smartphones, wearable devices and others, Dreamtech has produced OLED display panel modules since 2017.

It is expected that OLED will be adopted more in the future as next-generation technology such as foldable & rollable displays are being developed, and DreamTech is actively responding to these market changes.


  • Smart Phone OLED Display Modules
    • OLED Display PBA
  • EMS


Dreamtech established a solid trust base with customers through a strict quality control system that can track entire history of production processes. We are responding quickly to customer demands based on long-term mass production know-how.

  • Leading Solutions
    Able to meet large-scale demand on time in high quality.
  • Fast Responsiveness
    Quickly satisfy customers’ needs with early phase development participation
  • High Standards of Quality Control
    Deliverpossess high standards of quality control for OLED display panel

EMS Solution