Automotive Electronics & Sensors: Production, development and service supply of LED lamp modules for automotive, and optical sensors for office appliance

Since the start of automotive LED lighting business in 2011, we have achieved fast growth due to our design and quality recognized in market.

We are also making vibrant moves to apply our IT & sensor technologies to address the changing automotive market environment.


  • LED Module Front Lamps
    • HEAD Lamp
    • DRL & PSTN Lamp
    • Fog Lamp
    • Turn & Signal Lamp
  • LED Module Rear Lamps
    • RCL & Turn Signal Lamp
    • CHMSL
  • LED Module Interior Lighting
    • Map & Room Lamp
    • Ambient Lighting
  • Module Sensor Module
    • Start Button Fingerprint Sensor
    • Proximity & Gesture Sensor
    • Rain Light Sensor
    • Camera Module Sensor
  • Module Smart Key Module
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Touchless: Unlike the NFC card key, it is convenient to operate the function without tagging the card key directly.


Our rapid growth was due to our good product technology and quality management. Now, stepping up with the new demand of electric, smart, and unmanned vehicles, we are strengthening the next-generation technology development.

  • Robust Growth
    Robust Growth with proven LED lighting design ability
  • Systematic Quality Control
    Systematic quality management suited to auto component business
  • Smart Technologies
    Preparing for future unmanned & electric cars, utilizing our IT & sensor technologies

Quality Control Process

We run a strictly controlled total management system, applying Quality Management System IATF16949. Our 100% foolproof system, which prevents the operators’ errors, has been cited as a benchmark case for other companies.

  • Design Quality
    Quality assurance for every step using QMS
    Reflect the past track record using D-FMEA
  • Production Quality
    MES production management system
    Production process management using barcode
    Tailor-made SMT system to prevent error mounting
  • A/S Quality
    Perfect tracking with barcode applied to individual component
    Continued after-market supply of components